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Emptiness Retreat

Silent Forest Mountain Retreat on Emptiness
An Off-the-Grid Four Day Silent Retreat on Ultimate Truth
Thursday, March 23 - Sunday, March 26
with Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Join us for a relaxing and meaningful away retreat in the beautiful wilderness of the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California!

Is this retreat for you?
This retreat is for people who are comfortable in silence and rustic conditions, enjoy meditating on emptiness, and happy to go off the grid and be free of technology for four days.
Topic: During this retreat we will meditate on the sacred object emptiness, or ultimate truth. Gaining even a little experience of this object can profoundly change our understanding of our self, others and our world. Out of confusion we misperceive the way things exist, fabricate an identity and world, and live within this hallucination as if it were the truth. We view our limitations as real and we feel stuck. But our limitations and the world we normally perceive are not real and solid as they seem to be. The actual nature of things is emptiness, which means things do not exist outside the mind, but are mere appearances arising from our mind. Understand this naturally frees us from our sense of limitation and insecurity and fills us with a sense of possibility and joy.

The retreat begins Thursday afternoon & ends Sunday after lunch. Please register early to guarantee a space

THE TEACHER  Gen Kelsang Rigpa is the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centers Hollywood and California and is the Western US National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition - International Kadampa Buddhist Union. Gen Rigpa’s heartfelt and practical teachings are presented with warmth and humor, making them accessible to everyone.”
THE LOCATION Zen Mountain Center offers a peaceful and secluded natural setting for deep meditation retreat. Within the beauty of nature – 160 acres of wilderness next to a National Forest with striking scenery, wildlife, fresh air and mountains – we will go off-the-grid, let go of technology, and turn inward to explore the true nature of reality on this special weekend retreat. A short hike to the top of the ridge above the valley yields spectacular views of the desert and Salton Sea below, as well as Apple Canyon and Lake Hemet. The ridge above is part of the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from Mexico to Canada, and many hikers pass through to access the trail at this particularly stunning section. (3 hour drive from Los Angeles.)

Registration, please register through meditateinhollywood.org

$25 discount if you register and pay deposit by February 1  

Non-refundable deposit $75

Please note: The accommodations for this retreat are quite basic shared rooms with mattresses on the floor and a central bathhouse. We are required to bring our own pillows, sleeping bags, sheets, and towels. There is no public wi-fi access and cell reception is patchy to non-existent.

Cost: $315 per person before February 1; $340 per person (includes accommodation, retreat and meals)

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